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Feb 18, 2024
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Finely crafted product showcases the values, quality & business ethics of an organization. Whether you are a fashion designer dreaming up your next collection, a merchandiser sourcing for the perfect raw fabrics, or individuals interested in the world of knit fabric manufacturing & derivatives, introducing Runtang Textile, one of the largest fabric productions & distribution centers in China.

Based in Zhangcha Town, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China, we are a renowned hub for fabric production & distribution. We are dedicated to delivering the finest knit fabrics that meet the highest standards developed by our creative procedures. 

So, your desired classic jerseys or cutting-edge textures, classic comfort, or innovative innovations, we have you covered by our commitment to quality, craftsmanship & dedication to create fabrics that inspire.

Explore the world of knit fabric waiting for you with our versatile products, their features & the endless opportunities.

Product Diversity 

At Runtang Textile, we provide a wide range of knit fabrics starting from luxurious velvet to regular jersey knit fabrics with compositions of several materials which include, a vast range of fabric widths & diameters. We provide 27 different types of knitted fabric with more than 755 variations. 

Let’s take a deeper look into some of the variations we offer:

Double Knit Fabric:

Double knit fabric is made from interlock stitches that are heavier than single knits & have a smooth, dense surface. Summarized information that clarifies the diversity: 

  • Yarn Compositions: Cotton-Polyester, Cotton-Modal-Polyester, Cotton-Hemp, 100% Polyester, Nylon-Spandex, 100% Cotton, Cotton-Viscose.
  • Available Weight: 155gsm-480gsm.
  • Available Width: 80cm-185cm.

Jacquard Knit Fabric:

Jacquard Knit fabric is a sophisticated & intricate textile renowned for its intricate patterns, elegant designs & rich texture. This fabric is a masterpiece of art & craftsmanship. Here is some information about our available variations:

  • Yarn Compositions: Cotton (49%-100%), Polyester (2%-98%), Nylon (75%-90%), Viscose, Acetate, Spandex.
  • Available Weight: 130gsm-320gsm.
  • Available Width: 150cm-190cm.

Terry Knit Fabric:

Terry knitted fabric is a plush & absorbent textile for its distinctive loops & high level of comfort. Its absorbent properties & soft texture made it widely used in both clothing & home textiles. Here are the variations that we offer:

  • Yarn Composition: Primarily Cotton, Polyester, Viscose, Nylon & Spandex blends.
  • Available Weight: 165gsm-620gsm.
  • Available Width: 145cm-190cm.

Rib Knit Fabric:

A unique combination of texture & flexibility & renowned for distinctive vertical ridges & excellent stretchability is Rib knit fabric. We offer the below variation: 

  • Yarn Compositions: Primarily Cotton-Polyester blends (35%-95% cotton), Viscose, Nylon & Wool blends.
  • Available Weight: 110gsm-400gsm.
  • Available Width: 110cm-185cm.

French Terry Knitted Fabric:

French Terry Knitted fabric is a popular textile known for its softness, moisture-wicking properties & distinctive looped texture. A beautiful balance between comfort & style. Here is some information about the combination we have:

  • Yarn Compositions: Mostly Cotton blends with Polyester & Spandex, some are 100% cotton.
  • Available Weight: 190gsm-360gsm.
  • Width: 65cm-185cm.
  • Yarn count: 32s/1-40s/1.

Pointelle Fabric:

Pointelle fabric is a delicate & intricate textile known for its charming openwork patterns & feminine apparel. Given some information about its variations:

  • Yarn Compositions: Mostly Nylon blends (80%-89%), Some Cotton-Polyester, Viscose-Polyester.
  • Available Weight: 165gsm-300gsm.
  • Available Width: Standard(155cm-170cm), Narrow (62/64”-66/68”).
  • Yarn Count: 40d (Medium Thickness).

Fleece Knit Fabric:

Fleece knit fabric is durable, warm & stretchy fabric that is often used to make outerwear, blankets & even pants. The below information clarifies its variation: 

  • Yarn Compositions: Primarily Cotton blends (35%-95% cotton), Some are 100% Cotton & 100% polyester.
  • Available Weight: 280gsm-460gsm.
  • Available Width: Mostly wide (165cm-185cm) & some narrower.

Jersey Knit Fabric:

Jersey knit fabric is a widely recognized & versatile textile, celebrated for its comfort, stretchability & smooth appearance. Its ease of wear & adaptability to various styles made it a popular choice. Explore the available options:

  • Yarn Compositions: Cotton (Most Frequent), Polyester-Cotton blends, Viscose-Cotton blends, 100% synthetics.
  • Available Weight: Lightweight(100gsm-150gsm), Mediumweight(150gsm-200gsm), Heavyweight(200gsm-280gsm).
  • Available Width: Standard(170cm-185cm), Wider(190cm-195cm), Narrower(140cm-160cm).

Pique Knit Fabric: 

Pique knit fabric is a distinctive textile known for its unique texture. It features a raised geometric pattern that adds visual interest & sophistication to various types of clothing. Available variation is given below:

  • Yarn Compositions: Primarily Cotton blends(34%-97%cotton) with Polyester, sometimes Spandex.
  • Available Weight: 120gsm-350gsm.
  • Available Width: 150cm-195cm.

Scuba Knitted Fabric:

Scuba knitted fabric, also known as neoprene, is a contemporary textile prized for its sleek appearance, structured form & stretchability. It has gained popularity in fashion for its ability to create sculpted silhouettes & edgy designs. Given information is for your better understanding:

  • Yarn Compositions: Mostly Cotton-Polyester blends, some with Tencel, Viscose, Nylon-Modal.
  • Available Weight: 195gsm-420gsm.
  • Available Width: 110cm-185cm.

Tricot Fabric:

Tricot fabric is a versatile & finely knit textile known for its smooth surface, durability & stretchability. It offers a combination of strength & comfort. Here is the information about available variation: 

  • Yarn Compositions: Primarily Polyester & Nylon blends with Spandex.
  • Available Weight: 130gsm-300gsm.
  • Available Width:150cm-165cm.

Our diverse product range also indicates the expertise & the possibilities we hold at Runtang Textile. Here we shared just some of the variations we have, don’t worry if you didn’t find what you’re looking for. Explore our fabric page for more detailed information.

Application & Global Brands

Our fabrics can be used in various forms from clothing to accessories & many more. We have divided them into different categories to showcase the usage for better understanding.

  • Clothing: T-shirts, Polo Shirt Sweatshirts, Hoddies, Sweaters, Pullovers, Vests, Casual Pants, Skirts, Leggings, Tracksuits, Joggers, Jackets, Coats, Bombers.
  • Advanced Clothing: Sun Protection Clothing, Robes, Formal Dresses.
  • Sports Wear: Activewear, Yoga clothes, Swimwear, tracksuits.
  • Accessories: Scarves, Gloves, Hats, Cuffs, Sleeves, Blankets, Footwear.
  • Other: Sofa coverings, Box Lining.

Our product quality has made it to meet the global buyer requirements which represents the ability of standard production & industry structure we have at Runtang Textile. We would like to mention some of our valuable global buyers:

  • ZARA,
  • FILA,
  • Champion,
  • Uniqlo,
  • Costco (Wholesale),
  • SHEIN,
Cooperation brand

The Art of Manufacturing

Our diversified knitting techniques are employed to create fabric with a unique personality. Starting from the sturdy double-knit construction that provides reliable stability or the eye-catching Jacquard & Pointelle patterns that represent our manufacturing expertise.

Talking about warmth & comfort being top priorities our cozy embrace of fleece knits & the plush chenille is there for you. Apart from that our dyeing process is specialized to create creative expression as seen in the vibrant bursts of color in our tie-dye designs. Also, for vintage vibes, we have our mineral washes available too. To improve our functionality, we implemented techniques like breathable waffle stitch & the balanced stretch of interlock knit. Our commitment to performance wear is demonstrated in specialized fabrics like scuba & tricot.

At Runtang Textile, our experienced team oversees every stage, from raw fabric quality inspection to finishing. Starting from the raw fabric quality inspection area where each material goes through standardized quality checkpoints. At our dyeing workshop, we utilize advanced dyeing & finishing techniques to bring excellence of color. Our team always ensures quality over quantity. These practices ensure the achievement of vibrant colors, superior softness, and lasting durability.

Quality you can Trust, Sustainability you can Appreciate

Ensuring the quality for the largest manufacturing plant in China is quite challenging but it’s our strength that made us stay in the market with a proven track record of 13 years. Our specialized quality assurance policies ensure parameters like stitch uniformity, color consistency, and dimensional accuracy meet the standards. We are certified by independent organizations like The Oeko Tex Standard 100 label that ensures the absence of harmful substances in our products through testing of all components. This ensures transparency towards our commitment to safer products & responsible resource usage resulting in superior quality & building trust.  

Our broader sustainability practices involve working with FSC(Forest Stewardship Council) & BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) organizations that are committed to responsible forest management, individual development & ethical supply chains. These practices indicate that your purchased product is not just sustainable but also ensures the well-being of people & planet.


Explore the Possibilities Waiting for you

At Runtang Textile, we maintain our highly controlled production process while ensuring consistent quality across our vast manufacturing area & working procedures. With 400+ machines spread across a 60,000 square meter facility, we are capable of producing 2700+ tons of fabric annually.

Overall, Our excellence & commitment to ethical business has established us as a leading manufacturer in the knit fabric industry. Our diversified product range, standardized manufacturing process & sustainability practices demonstrate our dedication to quality, innovation & business ethics. Our warm welcome to each person to explore the environment we have here at Running Textile, where we are ready to push the boundaries to deliver the best we can do to bring your ideas to life.

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