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Pointelle fabric is a delicate and intricate textile known for its charming openwork patterns and feminine appeal. Its delicate design makes it a favorite for adding a touch of elegance and texture for clothing.

  • Weight per ㎡
    • 130-600gsm
  • Width
    • 160-180cm
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    • 300 kg per colour
  • Fabric Type
    • Pointelle Knit Fabric
  • Possible Fabric Production Certifications
    • Oeko-Tex, 
    • GRS
  • Sample
    • A4 Size Sample Available
  • Lab Dip Lead Time
    • 3-7days
  • PP Sample Lead Time
    • 15days
  • Bulk Lead Time
    • 25-45days
  • Also Known As
    • Pointelle Jersey Fabric, 
    • Pointelle Interlock Fabric
  • Yarn Fiber Type
    • 100% Cotton, 
    • 100% Polyester, 
    • 100% Viscose, 
    • Cotton Polyester Blends, 
    • Cotton Acrylic Blends, 
    • Cotton Viscose Acrylic Blends, 
    • Acetate Lyocell Cotton Blends, 
    • Modal Viscose Polyester Blends, 
    • Viscose Acrylic Spun silk Polyester Blends, 
    • Bamboo Cotton Blends, 
    • Lyocell Wool Blends, 
    • Cotton Rayon Blends
  • For Garments
    • T-Shirt, 
    • Vest, 
    • Sports T-Shirts, 
    • Yoga Clothes, 
    • Loungewear, 
    • Panties, 
    • Babywear, 
    • Underwear, 
    • Cardigans, 
    • Scarfs

Our Pointelle Fabric Materials

Discover our exceptional range of knit fabrics, perfect for quality and style. For custom options, feel free to contact us.

  • 300gsm 65%Cotton 32.5%Polyester 2.5%Spandex Elastane Pointelle Fabric 170cm WD16002

    Pointelle Fabric

    Material: 65% cotton 32.5% polyester 2.5% spandex

    Weight: 300gsm

    Width: 170cm

  • 250gsm 65%Polyester 28%Viscose 7%Spandex Elastane Pointelle Fabric 155cm WD2229

    Pointelle Fabric

    Material: 65% polyester 28% viscose 7% spandex

    Weight: 250gsm

    Width: 155cm

  • 170gsm 83%Nylon Polyamide 17%Spandex Elastane Pointelle Fabric 160cm WD16001

    Pointelle Fabric

    Material: 83% nylon 17% spandex

    Weight: 170gsm

    Width: 160cm

  • 135 gsm Bird’s eye fabric 100% polyester Sportswear Fabric Supplier

    Pointelle Fabric
  • 170 gsm Nylon needle hole fabric 89% Nylon 11% spandex yoga clothing fabric

    Nylon Fabric

    Material: 89% Nylon 11% Spandex

    Weight: 170gsm

    Width: 62/64"

    Yarn count: 40d

  • 220 gsm Tricot Nylon Gingham 80% nylon 20% spandex yoga clothing fabric

    Nylon Fabric

    Material: 80% Nylon 20% Spandex

    Weight: 220gsm

    Width: 64/66"

    Yarn count: 40d

  • 170 gsm nylon mesh fabric Vertical grain row pinhole cloth 85% nylon 15% spandex running shirts

    Nylon Fabric

    Material: 85% Nylon 15% Spandex

    Weight: 165gsm

    Width: 64/66"

    Yarn count: 40d

  • 170 gsm Nylon spandex knit fabric 89% nylon 11% spandex yoga clothing fabric

    Nylon Fabric

    Material: 89% Nylon 11% Spandex

    Weight: 170gsm

    Width: 66/68"

    Yarn count: 40d


The Delicate Lace-Like Patterns of Pointelle Fabric

Pointelle fabric is a knitted or woven fabric characterized by its delicate and lacy patterns created by small holes or eyelets. These patterns are often arranged in intricate designs, resembling lace or embroidery.

A Closer Look at Pointelle Fabric

Pointelle fabric can be manufactured using both knitting and knitting techniques, depending on the desired end result. In knitting, the holes are created by intentionally dropping or skipping stitches. In knitting, the holes are achieved by controlling the warp and weft yarns to form the openwork design.

Pointelle fabric can be composed of various fibers, both natural and synthetic. Commonly used fibers include cotton, silk, rayon, and blends of these materials. The choice of fiber influences the fabric's texture, drape, and feel.

Properties of the Fabric

  • Intricate Patterns: Pointelle fabric is prized for its delicate and intricate patterns that add a touch of artistic detail.
  • Airiness: The openwork design of pointelle fabric creates a light and airy texture, making it suitable for warmer weather.
  • Feminine Aesthetic: The lace-like appearance of pointelle fabric adds a feminine and romantic charm to garments.
  • Softness: Depending on the fiber composition, pointelle fabric can offer a soft and comfortable feel against the skin.

Apparel Applications

Pointelle fabric's delicate patterns and lightweight nature make it suitable for a variety of clothing and accessories, including:

  • Sweaters and Cardigans

    Pointelle sweaters and cardigans offer a blend of elegance and breathability.

  • Tops and Blouses

    Pointelle tops and blouses add a touch of femininity and texture to everyday outfits.

  • Dresses

    Pointelle fabric dresses create a romantic and charming look, perfect for casual or dressy occasions.

  • Scarves and Shawls

    The lightweight and airy nature of pointelle fabric make it ideal for scarves and shawls.

  • Lingerie

    Pointelle fabric is used for lingerie and undergarments, providing a delicate and alluring touch.

Knitting Process of the Pointelle Fabric

  • Yarn Feeding: Yarn is fed into a knitting machine, and needles are set up to create the desired pattern.
  • Knitting: The machine creates the fabric by knitting the yarn while intentionally dropping or skipping stitches to create the eyelet patterns.
  • Eyelet Formation: The dropped stitches create the openwork eyelet patterns in the fabric.
  • Finishing: The fabric may undergo additional processes like dyeing, blocking, and softening to enhance its appearance and texture.

Pointelle fabric captures delicate beauty and artistic elegance with its intricate openwork patterns. 

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