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Interlock knit fabric is a type of knitted textile known for its comfort and smooth / polished appearance. A popular choice for various types of clothing.

  • Weight per ㎡
    • 110-450gsm
  • Width
    • 160-190cm
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    • 300 kg per colour
  • Fabric Type
    • Interlock Knit Fabric
  • Possible Fabric Production Certifications
    • Oeko-Tex, 
    • GRS
  • Sample
    • A4 Size Sample Available
  • Lab Dip Lead Time
    • 3-7days
  • PP Sample Lead Time
    • 15days
  • Bulk Lead Time
    • 25-45days
  • Also Known As
    • Double Knit Fabric, 
    • Interlock Jersey Fabric
  • Yarn Fiber Type
    • 100% Cotton, 
    • 100% Polyester, 
    • 100% Viscose, 
    • Cotton Polyester Blends, 
    • Cotton Acrylic Blends, 
    • Cotton Viscose Acrylic Blends, 
    • Acetate Lyocell Cotton Blends, 
    • Modal Viscose Polyester Blends, 
    • Viscose Acrylic Spun silk Polyester Blends, 
    • Bamboo Cotton Blends, 
    • Lyocell Wool Blends, 
    • Cotton Rayon Blends
  • For Garments
    • Skirt, 
    • Polo Shirts, 
    • Sportswear, 
    • Dresses, 
    • T-shirts, 
    • Outerwear, 
    • Sportswear, 
    • Sweatshirt, 
    • Track Suit, 
    • Coats, 
    • Scarves, 
    • Gloves, 
    • Hoodies, 
    • Blankets, 
    • Track suit buttoms, 
    • Kidswear, 
    • Track suits

Our Interlock Knit Fabric Materials

Discover our exceptional range of knit fabrics, perfect for quality and style. For custom options, feel free to contact us.

  • 420gsm 63.5%Cotton 36.5%Polyester Bonded Interlock Knit Fabric 185cm KF2093

    Interlock Knit Fabric

    Material: 63.5% cotton 36.5% polyester

    Weight: 420gsm

    Width: 185cm

  • 360gsm 25%Viscose 25%Acrylic 11%Spandex Elastane 39%Polyester Brushed Interlock Knit Fabric 160cm YM0523

    Interlock Knit Fabric

    Material: 25% viscose 25% acrylic 11% spandex 39% polyester

    Weight: 160cm

    Width: 360gsm

  • 300gsm 42%Acrylic 18%Tencel 28%Viscose 12%Spandex Elastane Interlock Knit Fabric 170cm SS36004

    Interlock Knit Fabric

    Material: 42% acrylic 18% tencel 28% viscose 12% spandex

    Weight: 170cm

    Width: 300gsm

  • 280gsm 47.5%Cotton 47.5%Viscose 5%Spandex Elastane Interlock Knit Fabric 175cm SS36001

    Interlock Knit Fabric

    Material: 47.5% cotton 47.5% viscose 5% spandex

    Weight: 280gsm

    Width: 175cm

  • 260gsm 95%Viscose 5%Spandex Elastane Interlock Knit Fabric 180cm SS36006

    Interlock Knit Fabric

    Material: 95% viscose 5% spandex

    Weight: 260gsm

    Width: 180cm

  • 250gsm 40%Acrylic 39%Modal 12%Viscose 6%Wool 3%Spandex Elastane Interlock Knit Fabric 165cm SS36005

    Interlock Knit Fabric

    Material: 40% acrylic 39% modal 12% viscose 6% wool 3% spandex

    Weight: 165cm

    Width: 250gsm

  • 220gsm 80%Polyester 20%Spandex Elastane Interlock Knit Fabric 170cm SS36007

    Interlock Knit Fabric

    Material: 80% polyester 20% spandex

    Weight: 220gsm

    Width: 170cm

  • 210gsm 30%Tencel 10%Hemp 60%Cotton Interlock Knit Fabric 150cm SS36009

    Interlock Knit Fabric

    Material: 30% tencel 10% hemp 60% cotton

    Weight: 210gsm

    Width: 150cm


A Look Into Interlock Knit

Interlock knit fabric is produced using a circular knitting machine, creating a double-layered structure resembling a fine rib. The machine employs two sets of needles, each forming loops that interlock with each other. This interlocking feature results in a highly stable fabric resistant to edge curling, while also enhancing stretchability and recovery.

Interlock knit can be composed of various fibers, both natural and synthetic. Commonly used fibers include cotton, polyester, rayon, and blends of these materials. Cotton interlock is prized for its breathability and softness, while polyester offers durability and wrinkle resistance. Blended interlock fabrics combine the benefits of different fibers, resulting in textiles with a desirable balance of characteristics.

Properties of the Interlock Knit

  • Stretch and Recovery: Interlock knit fabric possesses excellent stretch and recovery properties, making it comfortable to wear and allowing garments to move with the body.
  • Smooth Finish: The interlocking structure gives the fabric a smooth and polished appearance on both sides, eliminating the need for a lining.
  • Durability: Due to its double-layered construction, interlock fabric is more durable and less prone to tearing than some other knit fabrics.
  • Breathability: Depending on the fiber composition, interlock knit fabric can be highly breathable.

What is this knit fabric used for ?

Interlock knit fabric's versatility lends itself to various types of apparel, including:

  • T-shirts and tops: The smooth finish and comfortable stretch make interlock a popular choice for everyday wear.
  • Dresses: Interlock knit dresses offer both style and comfort, allowing for easy movement while maintaining an elegant appearance.
  • Activewear: The stretch and breathability of interlock fabric make it ideal for sports and fitness apparel.
  • Baby Clothing: The softness and gentle stretch of interlock make it a favorite for baby clothes, ensuring a cozy and comfortable fit.

The Knitting Process of Interlock Knit

Unlike woven fabrics that are created through the intertwining of perpendicular threads (warp and weft), interlock knit fabric is formed by the interlocking loops of a single thread. This looping process creates a fabric with a balanced stretch and excellent recovery, as the loops can move with the fabric's movement. The circular knitting machine, as mentioned earlier, plays a crucial role in producing the interlock structure by carefully manipulating the loops.

Interlock knit fabric stands out for its comfort, durability, and versatility. Its unique manufacturing process and fiber composition allow it to be used in a wide range of garments.

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