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Knitted mesh fabric, often referred to simply as mesh, is a versatile textile known for its open and breathable structure. It combines a unique texture with functional properties, making it a popular choice for a wide range of apparel and accessories.

  • Weight per ㎡
    • 50-300gsm
  • Width
    • 90-160cm
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    • 300 kg per colour
  • Fabric Type
    • Knitted Mesh Fabric
  • Possible Fabric Production Certifications
    • Oeko-Tex, 
    • GRS
  • Sample
    • A4 Size Sample Available
  • Lab Dip Lead Time
    • 3-7days
  • PP Sample Lead Time
    • 15days
  • Bulk Lead Time
    • 25-45days
  • Also Known As
    • Netting Knit Fabric, 
    • Polyester Mesh Fabric, 
    • Polyamide Mesh Fabric, 
    • Nylon Mesh Fabric, 
    • Net Mesh Fabric, 
    • Power Mesh Fabric, 
    • Fine Mesh Fabric
  • Yarn Fiber Type
    • 100% Polyester, 
    • 100% Nylon, 
    • Nylon Polyester Blends
  • For Garments
    • Sun Protection Clothing, 
    • Sports T-Shirts, 
    • Yoga Clothes, 
    • Eveningwear, 
    • Sportswear, 
    • Camping, 
    • Bridalwear, 
    • Tops, 
    • Vests, 
    • Dresses

Breathable, Lightweight Knitted Mesh Fabric

Knitted mesh fabric is created using a variation of the basic knitting technique. The fabric is formed by interlocking loops of yarn, but with intentionally larger gaps between the loops. This open structure results in a breathable and lightweight material.

A Closer Look Into Knitted Mesh

Knitted mesh fabric can be crafted from various fibers, both natural and synthetic. Common fibers used include cotton, polyester, nylon, spandex, and blends of these materials. The choice of fiber impacts the fabric's durability, elasticity, and texture.

Knitted Mesh is:

  • Breathable: Knitted mesh fabric is highly breathable due to its open structure, making it ideal for warm weather or active wear.
  • Textured: The distinct texture of mesh adds visual interest to garments and accessories, lending a modern and edgy touch to the overall look.
  • Stretchy and Flexibile: Depending on the fiber blend, mesh fabric can offer stretch and flexibility, allowing for comfortable movement.
  • Lightweight: The airy nature of mesh fabric makes it lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • Layered: Mesh is often used as a layering fabric to add dimension to outfits or to create sheer panels in garments.

Variety of Apparel and Accessories

Knitted mesh fabric's unique characteristics make it suitable for a variety of apparel and accessories, including:

  • Tops and Tees: Mesh is commonly used to create stylish and breathable tops and T-shirts with an urban or sporty flair.
  • Athletic Wear: Mesh panels or entire garments are incorporated into sportswear for improved ventilation during physical activities.
  • Dresses and Skirts: Mesh overlays can add an elegant and contemporary touch to dresses and skirts.
  • Accessories: Mesh is used to create accessories such as scarves, hats, bags, and even footwear, adding a fashion-forward element.

Knitting Process of Knitted Mesh

  • Yarn Feeding: Yarn is fed into a knitting machine, which consists of needles that form loops of yarn.
  • Knitting: The needles interlock the yarn loops in a way that creates larger gaps or holes between the stitches, forming the characteristic mesh structure.
  • Loop Formation: The needles alternate between two or more sets of yarn to create the desired mesh pattern.
  • Finished Fabric: Once the knitting is complete, the fabric is removed from the machine and may undergo additional processes like dyeing, finishing, or cutting to create the final product.

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