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The Warm, Textured Beauty of Knitted Fabric

From sweaters to scarves and beyond, knitted fabric is full of texture, warmth, and endless potential. Explore the tactile delights of knitted fabric and find inspiration for your next project!


Types of Fibers Used in Jersey Knit Fabric

Jersey knit fabric, characterized by its unique stretch, has carved an indispensable niche in the realm of textiles. This distinct fabric is a cornerstone of modern fashion, adorning our everyday wear and activewear.


Interlock Fabric: The Smooth Surfaced Knit Fabric for Sportswear

All season-friendly fabrics are hard to find. Even a single-sided cloth sometimes falls behind in choice when another material appears with better thickness. Interlock is similar to the thick one.  It is a double-sided woven patterned fabric with transparent color options. Any fabric that comes in great use for apparel and sportswear is favored by […]

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